Custom Design, full members area, mobile friendly for Gazinga


Web Design, CMS, Members Area

Customer Location

Northampton, UK

Project Goal


Customer Targets


Added Features

Mobile-ready, secure social media platform with full content control, members area & payment gateway.

New social media platform - built by Newedge

We relentlessly abide by the Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) rule at Newedge, and it was clear Gazinga needed this mindset if it was to be successful.

The premise behind the site is to “make friends with the same interests”, and that demanded a website which was easy-to-use, personable, addictive and highly engaging. It also had to work on screens of all sizes and provide content for two distinct user groups (guests browsing the site and full members).

The Gazinga team also needed full control over content, and Silverstripe excels in content controllable, scale-able design.

Like so many of our projects, the real magic of Gazinga takes place behind the scenes.

The member dashboard sits behind a secure login for Gazinga members and is capable of collecting personal information including photo IDs. All membership requests are validated via text and uploaded media monitored for inappropriate content.

Within the member dashboard users can add their own profile images, join groups (which include a calendar module developed exclusively by Newedge) and send messages to one another. They can even suggest improvements for the platform which get sent directly to the Gazinga team.

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