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SEO helps your business gain visibility in Google, Yahoo and Bing for competitive keywords that customers are using to search for your products and services.

  • We have been delivering effective, results orientated organic SEO for well over 15 years.  Working across most markets with customers large and small. 
  • The rules for good quality, effective SEO are the same, no matter who you are, what you do or where you do it.

Increase sales

Increase leads

Increase rankings

Increase conversion

Know your market, increase your sales

One of the first steps to effective SEO is to get to know your business, your market and your competitors.  To truly understand what can be achieved you need to know your market place and your customers.  There is little point chasing traffic that delivers you the wrong customers.  You need to define who you are, what you do, your ideal customer and your on-line goals and aspirations.  Once this has been determined you can begin to understand your potential customers and what they are looking (searching) for.  This involves researching the right keywords for you and your business.  This may be dictated by product/service type, location, price etc.   

You will be looking at organic SEO as part of your sales growth strategy.  We have vast experience delivering SEO throughout Northampton and surrounding counties as well as working across the rest of the UK and Europe delivering effective, results orientated, sales generating SEO campaigns.  We understand what it takes to generate leads and improve conversions and can help you to increase sales through your website. We have always believed on working on the basis of setting targets.  We will work with you to ensure that those targets are profitable, in line with your business goals and will devise a campaign that ensures you are able to see real, incremental profit. 

Increase Visitors & engagement

Good effective organic SEO should be impacting the amount of visitors to your website which in turn, if your site has been well designed and thought out will have a direct correlation with your bottom line. The more visibility in search engines, the more clicks to your website and the more leads generated. We have been designing and building SEO friendly websites for over 15 years. We are fully qualified marketers and understand what it takes to build an engaging, interactive, SEO effective website.

Our work is designed to drive more targeted visitors, increase your leads, deliver more sales and out perform your competitors. You want to rank top on Google, of course, but you also want the traffic that comes to your site to engage. That might be to buy your products or contact you to request your services, either way you want to ensure that you have the right traffic for your business and your site is engaging and relevant to your new and returning customers.

Many on-line businesses will be looking to attract enquiries from a particular town, regional or county base. This may be as a result of only providing your services in a specific location or may be because you are only looking to ship your products to certain parts of the country or indeed certain countries. Ensuring your SEO is 'localised' will be crucial to the effectiveness of your organic SEO campaign.

We have proven experience working nationally, internationally and locally. Local SEO is where we will optimise your website for localised keywords based on your region, town or city, such as SEO Northampton. We will also ensure that the tone and language on the site meets the expectations of your customers. This may involve content creation, changes to the navigation, headings, Title Tags or Meta Descriptions. All of these will be key to an effective Local SEO campaign.

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