Websites optimised for mobile customers

Does your website work flawlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktops?

We will make sure that your website fits perfectly no matter what device your customer is using

  • Websites need to perform perfectly a huge variety of screen sizes and shapes these days. Mobile responsive design ensures your website will fit the screens of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
  • It does this by automatically resizing and reordering page elements to make best use of the screen real estate available.
  • With a mobile responsive website, there’s no need to zoom in, hold your phone at a funny angle to read text or miss out on any of the website’s features. No modern website is complete without it.
  • Responsive web design has changed many times over the past decade. At Newedge, we take a considered approach by designing separately for mobile and desktop.
  • This results in one, easy-to-manage website, but the design is specifically tailored for lots of screen sizes. We don’t just ‘press a button’ and hope that everything fits nicely on mobile - we spend time making sure it does.
  • We’ll work directly with you to refine the design and ensure all of your calls-to-action (CTAs), images and content are immediately accessible, no matter the screen size

Optimised for mobile


Optimised for tablet


Optimised for laptop


Optimised for desktop


Why your website needs mobile responsive design

1. Most of your customers will arrive on mobile

  • Over 50% of all internet usage is undertaken on mobile devices, and that number continues to rise.
  • Your customers (both potential and existing) will almost definitely arrive on your website on their smartphone. If they’re dealt a terrible experience, they'll quickly move on.

2. Google prioritises mobile

  • Google's index is now set up to prioritise websites that have a strong mobile presence.
  • Their algorithm is obviously a closely guarded secret, but we know that they’re very fond of websites that perform well on mobile devices. Therefore, if you invest in the mobile readiness of yours, you’ll probably achieve better search rankings.

3. It's easier to manage

  • If you've ever had a website that features separate mobile and desktop designs, you'll know the pain that comes with updating content on both.
  • With a mobile responsive design, you have one content management system (CMS), and, because we use the Silverstripe CMS, the easiest platform when it comes to updating and adding content.

4. It’ll encourage you to declutter

  • We don’t design cluttered websites at Newedge, but we’ve seen our fair share of them.
  • By focusing on mobile design, you’ll be encouraged to reduce the amount of needless content on each page and include only the most essential elements that benefit the user experience and increase leads.

5. It might be a differentiator

  • The importance of mobile design hasn’t stopped some business websites lagging behind. Your competitors might number among those websites that aren’t ready for smaller screens.
  • If you invest in a mobile ready website now, it might just put you ahead of the pack and encourage more potential customers to head your way than that of the competition.

Is your website working for your customers?

If you already have a business website, grab your smartphone and access it from that device. Put your customer hat on and take a look at what you’re presented with.

Is it easy to navigate? Do all of the menu items and internal links work and appear to be conveniently located? Is it obvious what you need to do next? Or is it a frustrating experience?

If it’s the latter, you need a responsive design overhaul - and it’ll be the best thing you do this year from a marketing perspective, we promise.

Our method to ensure your success

  • We’ll undertake a discovery session to find out everything we need to know about your business, its offering, audience and the competition.
  • We’ll write a detailed website scope document, grab the best people and resources we have and put them in charge of the project.
  • Well design and develop your new website, focusing on the desktop and mobile experience separately to ensure full compatibility across a range of devices.
  • We’ll test, analyse and iterate the design to maximise its benefit for your business.

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