Magento Ecommerce Websites

Magento 2 is a powerful open source ecommerce platform! The team at Newedge can get your business up and running on Magento...

Fantastic customisation options

Mobile optimised

Fast and secure

Easy maintenance and upgrades

Magento 2 - the opensource Ecommerce system

Although Magento 2 is a FREE to use open source ecommerce system it still provides all the essential functionalities you would expect from a fantastic ecommerce site.

Out of the tin, so to speak, it is a budget-friendly option but requires some technical expertise to set up.  This is where we at Newedge come in!

Magento 2 provides several features to facilitate the creation of an online store. These include:

  • A user friendly, easy to use website builder
  • Online store search with full product and catalog management
  • Fully mobile optimised
  • Integrated checkout, payment, and shipping options

Magento 2 owned by Adobe

Magento 2 replaced the now obsolete Magento 1 in the summer of 2020.

Magento 2 has benefitted from regular software and system updates, with the latest version of Magento being 2.4.6.

This updated versions offer Magento ecommerce websites the following capabilities:

  • Greater customisation and adaptability through a more flexible website architecture.
  • An enhanced customer experience, especially for mobile-based customers.
  • Fast, powerful and flexible.
  • Written in PHP 7.
  • Numerous options for payment integrations.
  • Vastly improved and easier site maintenance and upgrades.
  • Multi store functionality.
  • Fantastic ready to use fully responsive theme's.
  • Huge capacity for product and categories.
  • Brilliant UX.
  • Easy to incorporate third party enhancements through the approved community.

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