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We’re not just a web hosting company; we’ve spent years developing beautiful lead-generating websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Safe, secure, fast & reliable hosting

  • We’ve seen our fair share of poorly-hosted websites and know how damaging downtime is for any businesses in the digital economy. Websites often provide the first impression of your company, and if your website fails to load pages or regularly vanishes from the internet, you’ll miss out on countless leads and sales.
  • Although we invest in the fastest, most secure web hosting platforms available, we won’t bore you with the technical details. We’d much rather look after that for you and leave you to flourish online. After all, the best web hosting is the one you aren’t forced to think about, and that’s just what we’ll provide.

99.99% uptime guarantee

Fully managed

Totally secure

Fantastic value

What content management systems do we support?

We specialise in web design for Silverstripe so, naturally, we’re rather fond of hosting for that particular platform, but we don’t stop there.

If you have a WordPress website that is constantly falling over and takes forever to load pages, we’ll take on the hosting for you and ensure it enjoys 99.99% uptime and super-fast page loads.

It doesn’t matter how old the version of Silverstripe or WordPress is, either - we will supercharge your online presence.

What are our server options?

The nuts and bolts of our website hosting services are impressive, but we appreciate you’ll probably want a diluted version of what we offer. There’s two main options:

  • Virtual Dedicated Servers. As your business grows, our UltraVM cloud-based virtual servers will scale with you, effortlessly. These fully-managed servers start from just £25+vat per month and benefit from our standard 99.99% up-time guarantee, fully supported, maintained, backed up and with a server side SSL.
  • Dedicated Servers. First-class hardware and lightning-fast performance, our dedicated servers are fully managed, come complete with annual individual SSL security certificates and 7-day website backup. Dedicated website hosting doesn’t have to cost a fortune; get in touch to hear about our competitive pricing.

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