Web design tips for selling online

December 02, 2022

With Christmas just a few, short weeks away, the time is now to get the ecommerce functionality of your website primed and ready. Whether you count on Christmas for a large proportion of your profits or see festive sales as a bit of a bonus, the importance of ecommerce during the weeks ahead is undeniable.

Those weeks leading up to Christmas are a flurry of activity for online shoppers. The holiday season – which runs from mid-November to the end of December – see a staggering amount of sales. Total retail spending, both online and in store, amounted to £82.2 billion last year.

There’s still time to improve your website for better online sales and, as the following top tips show, it’s all about design.

Keep it simple (stupid)

The KISS principle doesn’t just apply to your business marketing plan. ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ is a sentiment you should remember when designing your website too.

When redesigning your website with better engagement in mind, simplicity is the key. Avoid the unnecessary complexity that leads to browsers switching off, and focus on creating a simple to use platform that works well, is easy to navigate, and helps browsers understand your product or service.

Think like your visitors

By asking the right questions and using your website to provide suitable answers, you can really appeal to your target audience. Think like your visitor and ask yourself: what would I want to do and how would I like the website to work to achieve just that?

Say it with pictures

It’s not just your web content that speaks to your visitors. Your use of imagery also matters. By incorporating quality imagery that is on-brand, relevant and interesting to look at, you can hone a visually appealing website that visitors want to browse.

Speak in a language they understand

Your web content can also be overhauled just in time for Christmas. Instead of overdoing it with mountains of keywords and phrases, make sure your content is readable, engaging and valuable. It’ll help your visitors understand your brand and the products or services it delivers much better, and Google will love it too.

Give your website the professional touch

A professional looking website will work wonders with any audience. A platform that looks and feels professional is more trustworthy, which means customers are more likely to purchase from you.

Make checking out quick, easy and secure

Speaking of building trust with your customer base, your check out process should be super secure. It should also be simple and quick, so leave out the unnecessary steps and make every sale a success.