New year - time to refresh that website?

January 11, 2024

The start of a new year means new hopes and dreams. While many of the resolutions we’ll make will focus on improving our personal lives, with exercising more, eating healthy and losing weight always featuring amongst the top New Year’s resolutions. Enhancing our lives professionally should certainly be on the agenda.

For those with a business to run, there’s certain to be many tasks on your to-do list for 2024. But, should one of these be design and develop a new website for your brand? Read on to discover the top five things to consider when deciding if a new website is the right next step for you.

1. Are you still happy with the design?

As a business owner, you should of course be proud of everything your company stands for, including how it represents your products or services online. The design of your website can tell would-be customers all they need to know about your wares as well as your brand values and ethos.

If you are unhappy with the design of your website or what it represents, now is a great time to overhaul it.

2. Does the design match your branding?

Your website should be in tune with the rest of your brand, including its name, logo, story, messaging and overall design. The cohesion between your brand and the platforms that represent it (including your website and social media profiles) matters. It can help you build trust and loyalty more efficiently as a brand, meaning you’re more likely to win business.

If the design of your website doesn’t match or complement your brand, starting the new year with a new website should be your next move.

3. Does the story match your services or products?

The story displayed and communicated via your website should also offer a direct connection with your brand and its products or services. It’ll make it more recognisable, trustworthy and memorable, as well as better define who you are as a brand.

4. Is it easy to use?

Your website must be functional and easy to use. As the first point of contact for most customers, a functional website can help consumers progress through the sales pipeline. If it’s not accessible however, the opposite is true, with customers all too willing to search elsewhere for an easier to use alternative.

5. Is it easy to navigate?

In the same breath, your website should be simple to navigate with a clean design, well-positioned calls to action and a useable navigation bar the top traits of any successful website.

Make 2024 the year of better web design for your business by contacting our team to discuss your requirements.