Mobile-ready, CMS & Property Logic API for Bletsoes


Website Design, API integration, CMS, Hosting

Customer Location

Thrapston, UK

Project Goal

API & Lead Generation

Customer Targets

B2C & B2B

Added Features

A fresh, modern, mobile-ready design moving Bletsoes from Wordpress to Silverstripe

From Wordpress to Silverstripe

Bletsoes’ existing website was built on the Wordpress platform, but it hadn’t been updated for a number of years. This had left it in a state that meant tasks like updating content and general maintenance were becoming increasingly difficult.

The user experience was poor, too, which was resulting in high bounce rates and a lack of direct interaction from potential customers. So, we set about redesigning the website from the ground up for the Silverstripe CMS.

By taking everything back to ground zero and rebuilding, the Newedge team could create a fully custom, content-controllable website for Bletsoes that would be loved by its staff and potential customers alike.

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