Why your website is worth more than you think

March 08, 2024

With more and more people using their smartphones to access the products or services they require, the creation of mobile apps for business purposes has exploded in recent years. Claims of better personalisation, customer interaction (through features like push or in-app notifications), design freedom and functionality have motivated many brands to bite the bullet and sink a whole heap of money into app development and maintenance. But, what if we told you your website is more important than you think?

Here’s why you should be focusing on the design and development of your website during 2024 instead of investing in the diminishing trend of apps. 

App store competition is rife

If you’re considering developing and launching an app, you’re not alone. At last count, the Apple App Store had 1.96 million applications available to download. While the Google Play Store had a whopping 2.87 million accessible. This ever-expanding library of apps could be seen as an increase in popularity but it also means lots more competition when launching yours.

Apps are surprisingly restrictive

Increased functionality and improved personalisation may be touted as advantages of investing in your very own app, but an app is actually more restrictive than a website. By their nature, apps limit a user’s search potential, preventing them from comparing the wider market when looking for the product or service that best suits their needs and budget.

While it’s easy to open a new tab and continue your search when browsing the web, the process isn’t so straightforward or seamless when determining the most relevant options and best experience using mobile apps.

Apps have to be downloaded

Apps can’t succeed and revenue can’t be made without downloads – it’s that simple! Apps have to be downloaded but getting your target customer to download them is another challenge that takes time, money and effort. While websites need to be marketed too, they are more affordable, accessible, easy to maintain, and a better platform to showcase what your business is all about.

With the right design, functionality and compatibility, a website can help your business earn the broader reach it needs to raise awareness and boost sales.

Time to give your website a refresh?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to hit refresh on your website, you’ve come to the right place! Make sure your website offers a winning formula to would-be customers by contacting our team to discuss your requirements.