What is a content management system?

December 10, 2021

Content is king, we all know that, and when combined with the power of SEO, businesses of all sizes and niches have all they need to compete with the biggest brands on the web. Content marketing can be used both on-site and off to propel your company and the products or services it delivers to new heights. 

Creating and executing your very own content marketing campaign has never been simpler, with tools like content management systems providing simple ways to upload targeted, unique and fresh content to your web pages, get recognised for all the right key words and phrases by the search engines, and increase visibility within your target market.

But what exactly is a content management system? And how can you use one to enhance your content marketing strategy and ultimately your web presence? Here we answer these all-important questions…

An introduction to content management systems

A content management system, or ‘CMS’, is a system that’s designed and developed to help users to simply and successfully manage and modify the content on their websites. Content management systems are essential tools for business owners and marketers, with the content created able to be added to a website without any specialist knowledge of web development.

To make this possible, content management systems use simpler language and easier to navigate interfaces, meaning you can upload content wherever you need to without having to write code from scratch or calling on a web developer that can.

The benefits of using a content management system

Content management systems provide a lifeline for businesses looking to take the management of their websites into their own hands.

A CMS makes taking control of your entire web platform easy, providing a flexible, affordable solution for business owners, regardless of their technical know-how. With a CMS, you get to alter your page layouts, add new landing pages for better SEO, populate your blog roll with content, edit existing web content, manage on-site images and other media, and publish new pages and content in just a few clicks.

How to get started with your own CMS

Here at New Edge, we make reaping all the rewards of a CMS possible. By working with us, you can enjoy a website that’s fully equipped and completely flexible, whatever your content marketing or SEO hopes and dreams.

We don’t just design and develop CMS websites, we can help you manage your own content management system or provide the training your team needs to do everything in-house.

Contact our team to discuss your CMS requirements today.