Websites and the importance of project management

June 10, 2024

Whether designing, building and launching an entire new site, doing the same with a landing page, finessing what you already have, or migrating your website to somewhere new, keeping things moving so you can get back to business is important.

There are many moving parts when overseeing a web project, with its design, content, development, and marketing and SEO all needing to be conquered to get over the finish line. That’s where project management comes in, and as you’ll discover in this blog post, it’s very much a joint effort!

It really does take two

Project management is a real sore point for many web agencies, including us. While we keep our end of the bargain, it is crucial to acknowledge that without your assistance, there are several milestones that we simply cannot reach. This is as frustrating to us as it is to you.

Unfortunately, many clients do not factor in resource their end to ensure a new web project keeps ticking along. This means that all too often deadlines are missed and project finish dates pushed back.

It’s all in the project management

Project management is a key focus for our team, and should be for yours. We’ll need your support gathering the correct content and achieving various other deliverables, and will communicate the project scope clearly before we start to define exactly what we’ll need to proceed and when.

We’ll make sure that these deliverables are achievable for all involved, with realistic tasks and timescales that everyone get onboard with. We’ll also keep you updated every step of the way to ensure complete transparency of the timeline and any associated milestones.

We’re here to help

Whether it’s lack of continuity, lack of knowledge or changing goal posts that’s holding a project back, it is important to state that we are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns about how a project is moving, don’t understand any aspects of the project plan, or are unable to provide what’s needed by the pre-agreed due dates, our team can provide clarification and additional support.

Good project management on both sides is integral to creating a quality website that’s delivered on time, on budget and to the agreed specification.

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