Websites and images

July 08, 2024

The use of imagery on-site is beneficial for so many reasons. While most focus on the SEO value that the right images (with the right optimisation) can bring, their impact on user experience and engagement is undeniable. 

As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. But, just as good quality imagery unlocks a long list of plus-points to keep your target audience entertained and engaged, bad imagery can cause an immediate exit from your website.

In this blog post, we delve deeper into the importance of images on a website and how they can be used to influence every customer’s journey in a hugely positive way.

Make a great first impression every time

And my, do first impressions count in the online world! By using visuals to captivate browsers from the very beginning, you can draw attention to your brand and inspire visitors to take those all-important next steps.

Make your website more attractive and appealing with the right imagery, and boost engagement no end, by adding photographs, graphics, illustrations or animations to your design. 

Share information that’s important to your audience

It’s not just words that can and should be used to share the information that your target audience finds valuable. According to the latest research, out of all the learning styles, 65% of people are ‘visual learners’.

Imagery can be a fantastic storytelling tool, allowing you to communicate the most complex knowledge in an engaging and digestible way. By providing ‘at a glance’ graphics for your audience to browse at their leisure, you can communicate information succinctly and at speed.

Sell more than just products or services

While the right imagery can be a great tactic for increasing sales of the products or services you so proudly provide, visuals can also encourage a consistency and cohesiveness that helps build brand identity and awareness.

From your logo to your product imagery, opting for a style that reflects your brand will make it memorable and instantly recognisable, even when branded imagery is used off-site The result is a brand that people trust and want to do business with.

Create a connection with your target market

The right imagery has the power to play on your emotions, engage, inspire and entertain, so use this to your advantage on your website. Images should be unique to your brand, relevant, good quality and professional. Avoid using stock imagery if you can; browsers want to see YOUR brand.