Web designing in 2024

December 11, 2023

Like any industry, the world of web design is governed by the trends that change with the season. With the start of another year on the horizon, understanding the web design trends that are relevant for 2024 could stand you and your website in good stead for the weeks and months ahead. Read on to discover the top web design trends that are set to shape the industry and the websites we visit in the coming year.

It’s all about user experience

User experience or UX is no new thing. It’s been influencing how our websites are designed, developed and maintained for as long as we can remember, and this will continue into 2024.

Web designers everywhere will be focusing on delivering the immersive experiences the super savvy browsers of today desire to ensure great results for their clients. The outcome is improved lead generation, increased traffic and even better conversions.

Things are getting bigger and bolder

While the theme of the past decade has been clean, sleek and minimalist web design, things are changing for 2024. In fact, the trendiest websites will take you on a journey back in time all the way to the late 1990s/early noughties.

Coined as ‘Y2K design’, websites are set to get bigger and brasher, with bright colours, oversized fonts, vibrant gradients and bolder illustrations making comebacks.

Typography is moving with the times

The headlines and subheads every website needs to keep users engaged at the most basic level are also evolving. While static design will take hold on the rest of the page, typography will become more dynamic for 2024. Moving text will grab attention in all the right places as well as enhance user experience.

Storytelling is set to be huge for 2024

Storytelling is something of a buzzword in the business world. Branding and marketing both rely on storytelling to interact with and inspire their target audiences for example. Web design will use storytelling to its advantage too during the year ahead, with gamification, video and immersive visuals all expected to become fixtures going forward.

There’s new jargon in town

The buzzword of 2024 will be ‘glassmorphism’, which, for all its pomp, relates to the use of transparency in website design. The eye-catching effect is even expected to improve on-page engagement, with intrigued browsers scrolling further than before to see this dramatic yet simplistic design in action.