Web design – what to look out for in 2023

January 06, 2023

The New Year brings a whole host of new trends to get our teeth into and, as always, the wonderful world of web design doesn’t disappoint!

Both technically and creatively, websites are getting bigger, better and bolder, with the emergence of new trends and the re-emergence of others setting the scene for the platforms we use to sell our products and share our services for 2023 and beyond. Read on to discover the trends that should be on your radar for 2023 right here…

A throwback to the 80s

The latest trends that frequent every industry often represent a twist on the classic. On the design side, websites are embracing themes of yesteryear, with the 1980s set to be particularly popular for 2023.

The 1980s was well known for its bold use of shape and colour, and these themes are paving the way for websites to use big, bright colours in the most expressive way. The colours used on the websites designed and developed for 2023 aren’t the only thing to get more daring. Website designs are using shape and pattern like never before to give a look and feel that is far from minimalist.

Going back even further

It’s not just the 1980s that’s inspiring the appearance of 2023 websites. In the quest for a retro website, designers are going further back in time to the Art Deco era.

With dramatic use of typography, strong lines, chevon patterns, geometric shapes and darker colour palettes with saturated hues, websites are being transformed into glamorous and culture inspired platforms that evoke this classic and forever timeless style.

Embracing all browsers

On the technical side, website design is being used to increase accessibility and engagement across different users, browsers and devices.

W3C - which stands for World Wide Web Consortium – is setting a new standard for websites everywhere to ensure a more inclusive, web-based experience. W3C compliance should therefore be an important consideration for any business looking to design or redevelop their website for 2023.

By complying with W3C guidelines, your website should be accessible to people of all abilities (including disabled individuals), from any web browser and from any device. It should also be fully functional, easy to navigate and super speedy.

Want to incorporate these top web design trends for 2023 into your website? Contact our experts today to get started.