Video is it a good addition to your website?

February 03, 2023

Mixing things up when it comes to the media you use to communicate the value of your products or services online is a must in the modern day. Thanks to the easy integration of visuals and content, business websites can become the marketing tools they should be, but you don’t have to stop at well-written words and inspiring imagery…

Videos are excellent additions to any website, whether you’re a start-up company looking to win customers or an established brand wishing to educate your existing consumer base. In this blog post, we take a closer look at why you should make 2023 the year of video marketing.

Showcase your personality

Your brand tone of voice matters. With the right style of communication, you can convert browsers into fully-fledged customers as well as establish authority within your target sector. Videos are an excellent route to visually showing the personality that makes your brand what it is.

Offer a quick and easy solution

When visiting any website, there’s one thing that every browser wants – a quick and easy transaction. Videos offer the ultimate form of ease and efficiency for users, providing a simple yet engaging way to impress, inspire and inform.

Enjoy a truly engaging format

The right video content can engage visitors to your website no-end. For optimum results, keep video content as customised and audience-focused as possible to encourage active, rather than passive, engagement amongst your target audience.

Promote your products or services

You don’t have to spend time and resources drafting a long product or service description. With video, it’s easy to showcase your products or services, and focus the key messages behind each both visually and audibly.

Videos can be used to tell customers everything they need to know about your product, service and/or wider company. You can also incorporate calls to action to maximise sales further.

Drive traffic to your business

It’s not just would-be customers that will appreciate your video content. Search engines love it too! With custom video content, and the right meta data (i.e. optimised video titles, tags and descriptions), you’ll see your rankings and traffic soar.

Improve the overall experience

With the quick and easy delivery of company messages, engagement of visitors and, of course, the entertainment or education factor, the overall experience you offer to browsers via your website will be dramatically improved. With a better experience on-site, you can strengthen relationships with your target audience and reap all the rewards of video marketing.

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