The future of web design

October 03, 2022

We recently took a long back at the history of website design, and as you’ll have seen in our three-part series, a lot has changed. Exploring the trends of past and present however wouldn’t be complete without discovering what the future has in store for the web designers our agency is home to and the businesses they serve.

Read on to find out more about what you can expect from the future of web design, and how predicted trends and tactics could be used right now to future proof your business website.

Building your website will become much easier

Ongoing advancements in developer tools mean the most creative websites will soon be able to be designed and built with ease. Whilst getting a professional to take the lead on a custom web design and build will still be recommended for the best online performance, the most cutting-edge tools and techniques can be used to build, edit and debug in real-time, making life easier for designers, developers and businesses alike.

Data will play a primary role

The use of data in web design and development is no new thing. Data analytics are transforming the way websites are designed and built to ensure better interaction, higher ROI and improved online performance for businesses of all sizes and niches.

Into the future, data will increasingly influence design elements, with artificial intelligent (AI) providing important insights into the habits of browsers and enabling you to win more business.

Animation is set to be bigger than ever

Animation can be used to transform the average website into a platform that’s inspiring, brilliant and entirely interactive. Future web design trends will see animation play an even bigger role to draw the eye and enhance the wider user experience.

Virtual and augmented reality will become the new reality

We can’t mention interactivity without drawing attention to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These technologies aren’t too far from being ready to use in web design, and they’ll be seen more widely in the coming years to ensure a better user experience when compared with images, videos and text.

With VR and AR technology in tow, your website could be the portal for would-be customers to explore your product range virtually from wherever they are. The use of VR and AR is expected to increase buyer confidence, make digital marketing more successful, and improve engagement and conversion for all business types.

Future proof your website today by contacting our web designers for advice and support.