The brand new expanding phone

March 08, 2021

Today we took a look at a brand new phone on the horizon, the expanding phone. Is the expanding phone really going to be the future for mobile phones?

Oppo's brand new expanding phone can grow and shrink on demand. Take a look at the video from the BBC and we are sure that you will agree that this is pretty amazing stuff!

As web designers we have been looking at what this could mean for the complexity of designing and building for mobile. No longer will we be looking at device specific changes we will have to consider true dynamic design.

This will of course be great for us as all as users but not so for us as designers!

Will this mean that website design will be compromised to keep costs down for customers while ensuring effective dynamic responsive design? Will ‘effective dynamic responsive design’ become a new service?

Latest software makes website design in 2021 much more flexible than in the previous decade. We are not sure what impact an expanding phone would have when considering mobile first design as when designing and taking into account user experience we, as the designer, would need to allow for all changes to the phone screen size.

We absolutely love the technology involved in enabling the user to change the size of the phone at the press of a button, although we do have a few concerns where it to accidentally be knocked while in the pocket. Lets face it most of us have at sometime been responsible for a pocket call!

Is the expanding phone going to be the phone for the future? Will we as users be looking for a single device to fulfil the role of phone, tablet and laptop? We can certainly see this being something that users would demand and for that reason, can see other phone manufacturers working to produce similar solutions. This means as a web design agency we will need to be ready to embrace the technology and begin preparing our designs to be dynamic.

Personally, I like my mobile, laptop, tablet and desktop and I am not sure that I am quite ready for a one stop shop….