The essentials for great websites

August 14, 2023

When designing and developing an online presence that you can be proud of as a business owner, your website is a vital piece of the puzzle. Even as web design trends evolve however, there are a few essential features that no platform should be without. In this blog post, we share the must-haves every website should have.

It has to be well designed

Web design is a powerful tool, but only when used well. How your website is designed can tell a would-be customer all they need to know about whether they want to do business with you, and as you’ll discover, first impressions count! It takes visitors just 50 milliseconds to form that all-important first impression when browsing online.

It has to be easy to use

In this day and age, the accessibility of your website is another must that shouldn’t be overlooked. Your platform should cater to all users, including those with disabilities and browsers who choose to access your website via an alternative device.

With this, your website should be designed and developed with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 in mind and be mobile-friendly.

It has to be functional

Improved accessibility is just one aspect of a functional website. The function of a website should after all do more than get visitors to your homepage. It should encourage them to explore further into other parts of your platform.

A fully functional website will attract more traffic, keep visitors on-site for longer, boost lead generation, increase the visibility of your brand, and build your credibility.

It has to be unique

Your website should reflect your business, and with this, should be as unique as your brand. Use design to showcase what makes your brand better than its competitors as well as demonstrate your values and the products or services you sell.

It has to be fresh and focused

The content of those web pages matters too. It should be fresh, brand- and audience-focused, and contain clear calls to action to get potential customers exactly where they need to be. Your contact page should also be distinguishable and easily found.

It has to be optimised

What’s the point in designing and developing a great website if no one will see it? That’s where optimisation comes in!

There are various strategies that can be explored and executed to optimise your website for search and social. If successful, these tactics will boost conversions and visibility, increase traffic and revenue, improve your reputation, and enhance your overall user experience.

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