The best action colours that encourage website engagement

January 22, 2020

Colour plays a huge role in web design. In fact, it does an awful lot more than make things look pretty; colour is capable of forcing you to take action, too.

It does this surreptitiously and without prior warning, and this makes it a killer tool in the marketer’s arsenal.

As you’ll discover, colour can make you excited, optimistic and even elicit a feeling of trust.

Here’s how to use action colours on your website with some examples from the best in the business.


Create a sense of optimism

Colour: warm yellow

There’s nothing quite like giving your customers the feeling that everything is going to be ok, and this is exactly what you can do with an optimistic colour.

Brands like UPS, DHL and Hertz use this to great effect. The colour is warm, inviting and makes you feel surprisingly at ease.

Be friendly

Colour: orange

The friendlier you are as a business, the more likely people are to trust you and put faith in your products and services.

“The future’s bright,” said a well-known mobile phone network once, and they had a point. Orange is a great way to create a cheery atmosphere on a website and help people buy with confidence.

Get them excited

Colour: red

You may have heard that red is a bad idea in marketing, and in some scenarios, that’s absolutely the case.

However, use it right, and red can create excitement among your audience. It’s seen as being bold and youthful, too, and that might be just what your brand needs.

Show your creative side

Colour: purple

From Cadbury to the Syfy Channel, purple is used to illicit a sense of creativity; something that’s evident in those brands’ marketing campaigns.

If you’re running a company that needs to come across as imaginative and wise, purple will provide the creative streak you need, and should draw in an engaged audience.

Make them trust you

Colour: blue

It’s hard to run a successful business in the digital age without building high levels of trust between the brand and its customers.

To help forge a connection that will last and become profitable for your business, aim for blue in your branding. Some say it’s ‘cold’, but in marketing terms, the right shade of blue encourages feelings of dependability and strength.

Create a sense of peace

Colour: green

Arguably one of the most common colours in modern branding, green is capable of making your audience feel peaceful and at ease with your social purpose.

Perfect for environmentally-conscious businesses and organisations that want to make a difference, green brings with it images of growth and health - perfect for a modern audience.

Get balanced

Colour: neutral (grey)

If you want your website and associated branding to be calm and neutral, opt for a shade of grey.

It’ll look ultra-professional, clean and create a sense of balance that is essential for certain brands. It’s why Apple, Honda and Wikipedia use it so comprehensively within their marketing.

Wrapping up

The colour you use in your branding and on your website will largely determine how successful you are as a business - it’s that important.

Get it right, and you’ll encourage people to spend money with you. Get it wrong, and they’ll turn and flee to the competition before you can reach for the paintbrush.

What colours are you going to focus on for your business this year?