Google Analytics - GA4

June 08, 2022

Whilst it seems that Google updates its algorithms almost daily, the upcoming shift to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a bit of a biggie.

A cross-platform solution that has been years in the making is now due to officially come into effect in summer next year, which gives you just over a year to make the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) - the previous generation of analytics - to this progressive analytics experience. So, what do you need to know about GA4 and how will it alter your use of analytics for the better?

What is Google Analytics 4?

With a promise of unified app and web analytics, the GA4 cross-platform journey had everyone rather excited when it was released two and a half years ago.

GA4 offers an improved method for monitoring and utilising metrics. With this, it represents a major leap towards powerful analytics that give businesses of all shapes, sizes and niches the insights they need to craft a cross platform journey and experience that really resonates with audiences. But this is just the beginning of the benefits you can reap by using GA4…

Why is GA4 so much better than UA?

Unlike Universal Analytics, GA4 offers complete user journey tracking, configurable events that can be used as conversions without any additional setup, improved real time reporting, advanced analysis via its Exploration feature, built-in debugging, and enhanced predictive metrics.

When compared to UA, GA4 has 32 more event parameters, meaning you can analyse user behaviour and events so much better. All of these features have also been designed with the highest standards of user privacy in mind to ensure both companies and their customers are satisfied.

How is it going to affect my Universal Analytics?

UA was developed to provide a measurement solution that strictly serves the desktop version of your website. GA4 however goes one step further to provide modern measurements across all platforms, including those that are web and app based.

Universal Analytics will cease processing new hits in July 2023, which makes getting familiar with the new way of working offered by GA4 a priority for every business that uses Google Analytics. You will be able to access data for up to six months after this date.

What should I do now?

Making the transition from UA to GA4 is much simpler than you think, and you should do this sooner rather than later to ensure you are familiar with GA4 and its new and improved features before UA comes to an end.

Making the move now will also help you build the historical data that will make your use of analytics as successful as possible.

For further advice on transitioning from UA to GA4, please contact our team today.