Forget the UX at your peril!

May 10, 2024

When it comes to your website, the experience that each and every browser has on-site certainly matters. A great user experience – or UX as it is often abbreviated – has the power to shape your fortunes as an online business, with your ability to impress the masses or your own niche target audience the key to success.

In this blog post, we share the ins and outs of user experience, including what makes a great UX and why it is SO important when designing, building and marketing a website.

What makes a good user experience?

Giving your users and would-be customers a great experience on your website could separate you from your competitors. But, it’s not easy to give everyone the web experience they expect and deserve, especially when catering to the discerning web users of today. There are a few UX fundamentals that shouldn’t be skipped when designing, building and marketing your website however.

Your website should be accessible, practical, useable, and provide a positive journey for your target audience. By ticking these boxes with the design and functionality of your website, as well as your marketing materials, you can engage your visitors, keep them on-site to peruse your products or services and, most importantly, keep them coming back for more.

Why should UX matter to you?

User experience is more than just showing every browsing visitor a good time! It’s crucial to online success for businesses of all sizes and niches. An efficient UX will help users navigate your website and get to their end goal (and yours) that bit quicker.

Potential customers are also more likely to return to an accessible and usable website, meaning your user experience will keep loyalty and retention high. You’ll be pleased to hear that businesses that invest in their user experience either digitally or physically enjoy greater returns too, with customers more likely to spend their hard-earned cash – and even pay more – in exchange for better experiences.

How can your UX enhance your website?

When defining a UX that resonates with your target audience, practicality makes perfect. You have to keep the user journey as simple and straightforward as possible, before adding all the aesthetically pleasing bells and whistles.

Make sure that the navigation, content and functionality of your website work and deliver value for your target audience. They should be efficient, effective, responsive and enjoyable to use to guarantee engagement, satisfaction and longer term loyalty. When the time does come to add those design elements, keep your web pages barrier-free for maximum accessibility.

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