Choosing the right content management system (CMS)

March 04, 2022

The health of a website is vital to the success of any business. Your website has to deliver the support, advice and accessibility your target audience needs as well as succinctly promote the products or services that sit at the centre of your operations.

Using the right content in all the right places across your business website is the way to achieve just that. Your web content should be useful and relevant to your company and your customers. It should also contain the keywords and phrases that get you noticed by the search engines.

Regularly updating the content on your website is the key to ensuring your online platform delivers on all fronts, and that’s where a content management system or CMS comes in.

Why does your business need a content management system?

There is a long list of reasons why your business could benefit from a content management system. A content management system gives you the means, power and ease to control your website content, and you can do all this even if you don’t have web programming experience accessible in-house.

The use of a CMS makes collaboration and access simple and secures your website against the cyber threats all modern day businesses face. It’s cost effective and affordable, removing the need for expensive website maintenance. With access to advanced SEO tools, you can ensure your web content serves you just as it should do.

Which content management system is right for me?

There are a variety of content management systems to choose from, each of which offers its own list of pros and cons.

WordPress is the most common content management system – it powers some 43% of websites worldwide – but as both ourselves and our clients have found it’s not the best option.

What makes Silverstripe better than WordPress? 

With better reliability, improved support and continuously expanding features, our go-to CMS is Silverstripe.

Silverstripe excels on so many more levels than the more commonly used WordPress. Its framework provides better customisation, in fact, you’ll find no off-the-shelf templates with our Silverstripe powered websites.

Silverstripe also doesn’t use plugins, which may seem pretty old school but is actually better for your website. Without plugins you can reap the rewards of a more tailor-made web experience, and avoid any security and compatibility issues that all too often accompany plugin use. The usability of Silverstripe websites is another aspect that is second to none with their clean, uncluttered interfaces revered by developers, businesses and customers alike.

Discover all the perks of Silverstripe websites for yourself by visiting our CMS page.