10 things web designers do not want to hear

June 21, 2022

If you’ve ever come across a web designer who seems a little tetchy following a particular request, try not to take it personally - they don’t mean it.

They just want to get the job right for you.

Thankfully, the team at New Edge loves dealing with even the most challenging of customer design requests (trust us - we’ve heard and dealt with them all!), and they’ll do so with a smile. But, despite this, we thought we’d have a bit of fun with today’s blog and give you an insight into the queries that are likely to raise the hackles of even the most patient designer:

1. “I want my website’s design to be completely unique”

Sure, you want your business website to stand out among the competition, but aiming for a truly unique design is missing the point. It’s also virtually impossible. What matters is a design that resonates with your audience and expresses why your business is unique.

2. “I’ve done the logo myself. I’ll send you the JPEG on an email”

If you’re investing wholeheartedly in a web design project, you may as well go all the way. Unless you’re a designer, don’t be tempted to create any of the elements yourself. Leave it to the pros.

3. “Can we have it tomorrow, please?”

Few web design projects are that urgent. Things really do need to be on fire if you need it that quickly. Wouldn’t you rather wait for the best possible job?

4. “Our team photo is missing Dave, but here’s a photo of him on holiday in Ibiza - can you photoshop it in?”

No. Sorry. Photoshop is one hell of a tool, but it can’t work miracles.

5. “Spend most of your design time on the stuff that will make people buy things”

Unfortunately, online marketing doesn’t work that way. Visitors need to be gently brought into your world and coerced into a trusted relationship. If your website screams “BUY ME NOW”, you’ll only frighten them off.

6. “Thanks for making all those changes. We’ve got just one more…”

The problem is, there won’t just be one more; after this issue, you’ll find another, and another, because you’ll be looking too hard. Take a step back, breathe and treat the website as though you’ve just seen it for the first time; those tiny changes won’t surface.

7. “Make it better, please”

‘Better’ can mean a million things. Clearly, you’re not happy with an aspect of the web design, but the designer will need a bit more to go on than that. Be as specific as possible.

8. “I’m sure it won’t take you long”

That’s quite an assumption if you’re not a designer. Please don’t make it.

9. “I’ve spent a couple of days sourcing all the imagery you need on Google Images”

Yikes. And, hello, lawsuit(s). Let’s stick with original or purchased stock imagery, shall we?

10. “We think you’re brilliant, so we’re not going to give you a brief - go wild!”

That’s incredibly flattering - genuinely - but web designers always need a brief. Without it, they’ll still create something beautiful and functional, but it won’t be right. Trust us. You know more about your business and target market than anyone, so use that knowledge wisely.

Wrapping up

Being a web designer is an awesome career because it combines artistic vision with practical knowledge, and enables the best in the industry to demonstrate their skills across a wide variety of subject matters.

Just bear in mind the above the next time you speak to one…!