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Complex Magento Migration

WingYip is an established oriental supermarket and Chinese food supplier with several superstores based around the UK with stores in Birmingham, Croydon, Cricklewood and Manchester, with over 4,500 products selling to trade and public consumers.

With a mix of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Indian authentic ingredients and recipes. The company also have an online presence and online shop that they wanted to preserve and update to a more up-to-date system.

Magento Ecommerce, Responsive Design, Digital Marketing, Bespoke Module Creation

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Improving User Journey & Back Office Functionality

WingYip's main goal was to improve the user journey and buyer experience for new and existing customers, whilst improving internal efficiencies by improving the back office functionality and integration with other internal systems and move from a legacy system. They also wanted to incorporate a mobile friendly and responsive design to help cater for the growing number of users using mobile phones to access the website. 


We devlivered a Magento ecommerce solution, which required a bottom up rebuild from a legacy e-commerce system. We applied responsive website design techniques to ensure a seamless experience for users using all Internet accessible devices from smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

WingYip has a complex workflow for back office and administration processes, with orders being picked and packed in store out to customers and in some cases the same working day, so an effective stock managing system had to be used to that both online shop and the individual stores could communicate. 

Newedge also gave search engine optimisation assistance with the project, providing a smooth transition for the search listings gained by WingYip, implementing adequate redirects for the hundreds of recipes and store items. As well as helping to enhance ecommerce reporting and enhancing visitor factors such as bounce rate, time on site and average number of pages visited.

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Mobile Shopping Experience

We wanted to create a mobile shopping experience which delighted WingYip’s customers. Of course this meant speed and performance of the site on mobile was a critical success factor along with a finger and thumb  friendly user interface that allowed customers to order with the least amount of friction possible.

Newedge provided a responsive website design, an industry recognised design method that essentially resizes the website in line with the device that is being used to access it, making it look great on all shapes and sizes of mobile smart phones, as well as tablet devices such as iPads and for desktop computer viewing - for large and small desktop screens.



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From Web to Wok

We wanted to create a little excitement on the WingYip website, allowing customers to browse a range of Chinese recipes and immediately add the ingredients to their shopping basket with a single click. The recipe module was born, allowing you to:

  • Search and view recipes
  • Share your favourite dishes
  • Add recipe products to cart
  • Take delivery of your goods and get them in your Wok!

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