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Fully responsive website and focused on enquiries

Ian Cooper first made his mark in the bike trade during 1986 and has bought and sold thousands of motorbikes ever since.

New Edge first met him in 2012, when the need for an engaging website for We Buy Used Bikes (WBUB) had become imperative for increasing sales and helping Ian create a sustainable online arm for his business.

Ian’s passion for all things two-wheel is infectious, and we’ve loved working with him over the last six years. Recently, we built a brand new website for WBUB, leaving them with a fresh, inviting online presence.

The WBUB philosophy is satisfyingly simple; they want to buy as many varied motorcycles “as is humanly possible” for fifty-two weeks of the year. And for that, they need a brilliant web presence.

Their thirst for bike stock never ends due to the fact they have their own retail showroom, but also because they supply some of the UK’s biggest dealerships.

Their website therefore plays a key role in making the acquisition of new stock as simple as possible. Quite a task, but one we relished.

We focused on creating a fully-responsive, beautifully-designed website that would work perfect on any sized device. Pick up your smartphone, head to WBUB, and you’re instantly met with the ability to enter your bike’s reg number and get a personalised quote - it’s as simple as it should be.

Ian and his team need a high influx of enquiries to remain competitive, and the new website is already delivering, big time!

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Maintaining great SEO work

Having worked on their previous website for over six years, an awful lot of effort had gone into maintaining a high position for WBUB on Google.

New site designs, when performed poorly, often undo that great SEO work, which is why we were careful to protect our efforts by using industry-standard redirects for pages.

This retained the rankings previously achieved and ensured there was no slipping down the Google league table for WBUB when the new site went live.

A custom job

We don’t deal in web design templates, which is why the entire WBUB bike website is based on a custom theme, built specifically for them.

You won’t find it anywhere else, but thanks to the clever work on behalf of our design team, we were able to mirror design cues from price comparison websites to ensure the WBUB site had a familiar feel to it.

GDPR compliant

The new GDPR data protection rules come into effect on May 25th 2018, which is why the new WBUB website has been build entirely with the regulation in mind.

All enquiry forms and method of data capture are in keeping with GDPR rules, thus greatly reducing the burden for Ian and his team.

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