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Changing the way Police capture and manage evidence

Taser UK supply Taser guns and body worn video capture devices to the UK Police Force, along with a complete evidence management system to ingest, store and search the evidence captured by their devices.

The Taser UK website is a thought provoking piece, aimed specially at the UK Police Force to demonstrate Taser’s range of products and how the evidence management system works from capturing to courtroom. Now the site has been taken over by the US parent company and changed considerably from our presented design.

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Award nominated interactivity

We storyboarded every single slide with the team at Taser, to explain the benefits and features of their products and software. We used cutting edge interactivity to really take the visitor on a journey through the entire process, showing how evidence is captured, ingested, managed, retrieved and shared. We received an honourable mention in the AWWARDS for our work on Taser.

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