Multi-site content management system with custom booking modules

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New Fully Mobile Responsive Website, Full Content Management System, Multi Site CMS, Full Colour Control, Drag and Drop Block Control, On-line Shop, Room Availability Manager, Job Search Module, Therapy Booking System

St Andrew’s Healthcare is the UK’s leading mental healthcare charity.
We were commissioned by St Andrew’s to build a brand new, fully mobile responsive website to support the main healthcare website and the four locations through the UK. We were also commission to provide a solution to provide brand new websites for their Workbridge brand, which is a charity that was set up over 30 years ago to offer a vocational pathway for people with mental health needs, learning disabilities or brain injuries and their Therapy website which provides mental health assessments and treatments for a range of emotional, behavioural and psychological systems.

All three websites had unique needs and requirements. To deliver the needs of all the businesses under the St Andrew’s Healthcare name we spent time with all the department heads from the Charity. This enabled us to specify a solution that was able to meet the needs of all the brands and all the departments.

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Custom modules to improve user experience

Rooms Availability Module: We designed and built a rooms availability module for St. Andrew's to manage their 77 wards which were located in multiple locations throughout the UK.  Using a simple CSV import St. Andrew's are able to easily manage their inventory on a daily basis.

Jobs Search Module: St. Andrew's have many employees and at any time many different types of vacancies, they needed the ability to advertise their large number of jobs in a an easy to use, easy to search system.  We designed and built them with their own jobs search module,  enabling them to easily load jobs, create their own search filters and take enquiries directly through to their SAP system.

Full Drag and Drop Block Builder with Colour Control: During the early meetings with St. Andrew's it was clear that they wanted to maintain the integrity of their brand while still having the flexability to add, remove, change call to actions and back ground colours.  For this reason we created St. Andrew's with their very own block and colour control module.  Providing them with every thing they needed to manage the look feel and flow through the websites.

Mega and Multi Menu Manager Module: We built a custom mega menu manager module enabling St. Andrew's to create, edit and manage the top, main, footer left and footer right controls.  All drag and drop and all text and image controlled.

Events Module with Archive function:  When we met with the events team during the discovery session they wanted the ability to load, manage and sell events as well as being able to archive events so that past attendees could access documentation etc.  We built a module to move all events into an archive section once the event date has passed.

Multi-site Content Management System

When we met with St. Andrew's Healthcare they were operating three different websites using three different content management systems.  They were looking to us to provide a solution that would enable them to manage, run and operate the three individual websites in a single content managed environment.  The criteria was that all websites would have their own URL, their own functionality, their own modules and all would have their own unique design elements.  They wanted the ability to be able to secure access by all sites, by individual sites, by department, by function etc.

We created a solution for St. Andrew's creating a multi-site instance for the silverstripe CMS enabling them to run and operate the St. Andrews Healthcare website, the St. Andrew's Therapy website and also the Workbridge website within a single content management system.

Workbridge is a charity with a difference, set up over 30 years ago to offer a vocational pathway for people with mental health needs, learning disabilities or brain injuries. The new site not only needed all the same flexability as the Healthcare site but they also needed an on-line shop module.  The new shop module enables them to sell custom canvas and also sell a range of products that are produced by the workbridge charity.

Standrew Therapy is a private therapy outpatient clinic that help individuals overcome many common mental health issues, enabling them to function better in their everyday lives. The new Therapy site came with all the same flexiblity as the Healthcare site but also include a custom Therapy Module.  This enabled Therapist to manage their own availabilities and define which Therapies they provided.  It then managed the bookings and provided the facility to take payment on-line.

Security : the new content management system has enabled St. Andrew's to manage access as a group, by brand, by function, by service etc.  All the websites have their own files, their own content, the own modules, their own contact controls, their own social feeds and their own secure hosted environment.

Client Testimonial

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Faith McMath

Communications Manager

We gave New Edge a complex brief to create a site with many different audiences and a number of specific tools. The team met all the requirements on time and on budget, and created a site that gives us the flexibility to grow and change the site as the Charity evolves. We also gave a brief that was to cover our other sites Workbridge and Therapy and with all sites having varied requirements, nothing was missed and the attention to detail was fantastic. Can highly recommend New Edge for their personal and very flexible approach.

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