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Located in Northampton, Spectrum is a one of the longest running charities in the county and supports vulnerable adults by providing skills training and education resources. In 2017, they approached New Edge to build a new website, and we leapt at the chance.
When we first met Spectrum, their web presence, although adequate, lacked the ability for them to add and adjust content in-house. The design was also starting to show its age, and the visitor journey somewhat unclear.

Spectrum was formed in 1971 and therefore has many years of history and heritage. A new website was therefore tasked with retaining decades of respect and trust built by the charity while positioning it as a modern entity capable of providing relevant and exciting opportunities for vulnerable adults.

Simple? Not at all. But we love a challenge!

Silverstripe provides the perfect solution

Following a consultation with the charity’s stakeholders, we immediately set about designing a brand-new look and feel for Spectrum’s website. It needed to be inviting, warm and offer the simplest of visitor journeys, and thanks to the power of Silverstripe, we were able to deliver exactly that.

Crucially, the new website sat on a fully content-controllable platform, which allows the Spectrum team to add to and adjust content whenever they need to.

Photography takes centre stage

The previous Spectrum website featured rather too much stock imagery, resulting in a web presence that didn’t feel personal enough to the charity. The management were also concerned that it didn’t accurately reflect the demographics of people they supported.

So, with camera in hand, New Edge visited Spectrum’s premises in Duston to take photos of the charity in action with the goal to capture what life at Spectrum is all about.

Spectrum wanted the new website to reflect the learning opportunities made available to vulnerable adults and it became clear that unique, on-site photography was the answer. The result is a website which offers an engaging snapshot of life at Spectrum, without relying on bland stock photography.

A digital home from which to grow

Now Spectrum have their new website, they can continue to grow in the digital age. The bright, bold design encourages exploration and the ability for staff to add content themselves means the charity can expand without self-imposed barriers online.