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Updated from Wordpress to Silverstripe, new identity and full marketing services

Ahid Abood has a specialist interest in aesthetic surgery and believes passionately that to accurately assess the benefits of surgery and ensure such procedures are successful, a thorough understanding of reconstructive principles is required.

Skin Scar Clinic was set up to embody this philosophy, and we were delighted to be approached by Mr Abood to create a brand new website for him.

Mr Abood’s previous website was based on WordPress, and under a different company name. We were enlisted to redesign the website from the ground up, but it soon became clear that a rebrand was required, too.

Thus, Skin Scar Clinic was born, and along with it, a brand new website built on the Silverstripe platform.

We know Silverstripe like the back of our hands, and our team are masters at creating bespoke designs that benefit from wonderful search engine optimisation (SEO) functionality behind the scenes.

As a result, the new Skin Scar Clinic website is fully responsive and therefore capable of running on any-sized screen. It’s also incredibly easy to navigate, thanks to a simple menu structure and block design.

A new brand

Our design team developed a new brand identity for Mr Abood, which included a new name, logo and corresponding colour palette.

The result is a website which is professional, engaging and empathetic. Crucially, it speaks to the varied customers Mr Abood encounters, many of whom enquire about highly personal surgery, and who therefore need a friendly, guiding hand from the moment they interact with the brand.

A full digital service

We don’t just stop at web design, which is why the Skin Scar Clinic website also benefitted from full content production (every page essentially needed to be rewritten from scratch) and an on-going digital marketing plan that includes blogging and social media management.

SEO formed a big part of the work, too, because it was vital that Mr Abood’s new website worked as hard as possible for his business.

All on-site SEO was carried out by the New Edge team, along with the necessary redirects to ensure no previous ranking gains were lost. This is an on-going service, too, and one we look forward to continuing with Mr Abood.

GDPR compliant

With the GDPR data protection policy on the horizon, it was vital that the new Skin Scar Clinic website was fully compliant with the new rules.

Every point of data capture on the website is therefore in keeping with the strict GDPR rules. This has provided Mr Abood and his team with the peace of mind that their website will play a central role in enabling them to become fully GDPR compliant