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Brand new fully responsive website and fully managed SEO to fill TWO new luxury car storage facility

Nestled in a beautiful part of Northamptonshire and conveniently close to Silverstone, Leigh Pettifer’s car storage business has become very popular indeed.

When you visit Silverstone Classic & Race Car Storage (SCRACS) for the first time, you quickly realise why. Located within the grounds of his lovely home, the 100% secure, 24/7 monitored and fully climate-controlled building looks like nothing more than a modern farm building from the outside.

Inside is a different story, because Leigh’s team spends the week moving classics, race cars, supercars and treasured family heirlooms in and out of their temporary home. Some stay for a week or two, while others remain safely tucked away for many months.

A brand-new design

The previous SCRACS website was built on Wordpress, which did its job, but didn’t quite give us the flexibility or SEO-first mindset we needed to help Leigh reach out to a much wider audience.

So, we reverted to Silverstripe, which enabled us to build a completely custom, block-based design that scales effortlessly on mobile devices. The nature of the design means page elements can be added and removed whenever required, to help SCRACS promote new services and any future special offers.

SCRACS benefits from a highly appealing visual aesthetic due to the cars they store, which is why original photography plays such a vital role in the new design.

Depth of content

They do far more than securely store cars at SCRACS, which is why adding depth of content to their website was an important task during the rebuild.

We wanted to ensure potential customers could explore their various offerings (which range from car and motorbike storage to detailing and MOTs) and existing customers discover what else could be done for their vehicle during it’s next stay.

We’ve also been providing content marketing services for SCRACS for some time, and the new website’s blog layout enables us to publish engaging posts that are highly tuned for search engines.

Two businesses

Leigh also runs a well-established and highly regarded vehicle transportation service. Intrinsically linked to what they do at SCRACS (if you’re going to have your car stored, why not have it collected, too?), it was important the new website linked obviously to the sister business. 

Throughout the website, there are references to SCRACS’ collection service, and the SEO strategy is to promote both sites with engaging content that is targeted squarely at their target market.

The primary purpose of the new website was to generate quality leads to fill two luxury, secure car storage units.  With the launch of the new website to coincide with the brand new storage facility in September, this has proved highly successful.  Maybe a third unit?