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Five very different food, drink and entertainment venues across Northampton.

The Richards group diverse range of food, drink and entertainment venues are well know across Northampton. They came to us with 6 different websites, on 6 different systems, with 6 different servers… what a mess!

We started where we always do, with a Discovery Session to work out exactly what they are trying to achieve with the 6 websites. Although they share common elements, each one also has its unique quirks.

Responsive Design, Content Management System, Multisite

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6 Sites - 1 Content Management System

SilverStripe Multi-site allowed us to create a single CMS to manage all of the Richardsons group websites. You can easily switch between the websites in the administration system and share resources (i.e. images, galleries and events) across all 6. This alone cut the time required to administer the websites, literally, in half.

What’s on at Richardsons

The key functionality shared across the 6 websites is the event management system. One of the main goals of the website is to keep people up-to-date with latest events. Previously this would have meant updating 6 websites one-by-one, instead the event management system allows you to load events centrally then simply tick which websites you want the event to appear on.

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