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Providing the UK’s #1 with Magento

Replacebase is the UK’s #1 most trusted supplier of phone spare parts.

Established in 2009 with rapid growth and outgrowing their ecommerce solution.

Magento Ecommerce, Responsive Web Design

Migration to Magento with responsive design

Replacebase approached us to migrate them onto Magento. With some 1500 product lines and hundreds of orders daily, we had to get it right. Obviously being a mobile spare parts supplier a responsive design that's mobile friendly was critical to the businesses on-going success.


Our approach was an initial discovery session to identify the business needs of the project. We utilised existing Magento modules like M2EPRO to sync products and orders with Ebay and Amazon allowing Replacebase to manage all of their orders in a single application. We also added additional functionality to aid with advanced reporting, product importing, a VAT module and to aid with trade orders. We incorporated a responsive design to work on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. 


Expanding beyond the UK

Replacebase sell internationally and required to adhere to EU VAT rules. We implemented a EU VAT module to ensure the right data is collected and customers are being charged the correct amount of VAT.

Advanced inventory reporting

Simply knowing how much is in stock doesn’t cut it when you're running 100s of orders a day. We installed an advanced reporting module to predict stock burn rate based on product order history with alerts on potential low stock items, ensuring products are ordered in time to keep a positive stock figure.

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