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NTS eLearning

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NTS eLearning

We love working with National Training Services (NTS) in Northampton. Known for their City & Guilds approved training courses, they’re committed to helping businesses build safer workplaces.

We’ve already created a website for NTS which enables delegates to view course details, watch behind-the-scenes videos and book online, but we’ve recently helped the NTS team with something entirely different.

When NTS wanted to create a web-based platform for eLearning course, they turned once again to Newedge.

What is eLearning?

We now live in a world where it’s possible to learn on the go, and this has given rise to a training format known as eLearning.

Focusing on the desire of many people to self-learn when best suits them, eLearning provides course material that can be digested at leisure and as often as possible.

NTS wanted to offer a form of eLearning in addition to their brilliant classroom based Train the Trainer sessions. Ranging from food hygiene to electrical safety and anti-harassment, it will continue their passion for promoting health and safety.

nts elearning web tablet

A custom look and a different feel

NTS wanted their eLearning website to feel considerably different to the main NTS website.

We achieved this - as we always do - by embarking on a completely custom design for them.

It was clear from the outset that the design and visitor flow needed to suit eLearning, which is an entirely different experience compared to a standard website.

A block design was used which can be fully configured, changed and added to by the NTS team, whenever they desire. Add a course, and it magically appears perfectly positioned and designed on the homepage!

The challenge: SO many courses!

NTS are nothing if not ambitious and their eLearning website needed to be capable of displaying a huge number of courses.

This is where the block design came into its own, but it was vital there were no restrictions.

By leaning on the power of the Silverstripe CMS, the Newedge team were able to create a system that could deal with as many courses as NTS wanted to display - both now and in the future.

Each course has a custom icon, price and unique URL for easy sharing.

nts elearning web desktop
nts elearning web mobile

Simple payments

eLearning is all about simplicity and convenience, therefore the NTS project ideally suited the Newedge KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle.

This extends to the checkout and payment process which is super-fast and accessible from any-sized screen.

Delegates can view and purchase courses in minutes and get cracking straight away with the process of learning.

More customisation

It was important for NTS to be able to change the website’s key areas at will.

For this, we introduced bespoke functionally that enables the NTS team to change the header and the footer whenever they need to.

This is only possible due to the flexibility of Silverstripe, and it means NTS can change the site navigation and any promotional messages whenever they wish - total freedom!