Northamptonshire Police Commissioner

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A refreshed website with a community focus

The Police Commissioner's team approached us to redevelop the existing non-responsive, non-accessible website into a modern, fresh and clean website, coupled with a content management system that reduced administration time and resource requirements.

After our initial Discovery Session we identified key areas of the website that required new functionality along with some usability issues. These were addressed in the prototyping stages with key stakeholders being brought in early on, ensuring the project is kept on track. We developed a content managed, mobile responsive and accessibility compliant website for the commissioner.

Responsive Design, Public Sector, Content Management System

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Bringing the community together

The Police Commissioner wanted the website to be a place where the community comes together, sharing events, ideas and concerns. We created an event management system to publicise upcoming events and allow the public to show their interest. The latest news section also allows constructive comments (via moderation and approval).

Help you find the right document

As a public facing organisation all documentation must be available for the public to read. This produces a lot of paperwork! We created a document management system that allowed administrators to quickly and easily batch upload documents while tagging and categorising them so the public can search and filter to find the relevant document they are looking for.

A secure environment

Websites that are in the public eye are often the victim of cyber attacks. It was an obvious requirement of the Police Commissioner to ensure such attacks are prevented. Silverstripes content management system has been extensively security tested and passes with flying colours. We also set up DDoS attack protection using Sucuri.

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