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Nitrac Ecommerce and FULL CMS

  • SilverStripe CMS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Bespoke Module Creation

OpenCart to Silverstripe

If you’ve ever run an eCommerce business, you’ll know how a perfectly good business plan can be made all the more complicated with bad website technology.

If you want to build a profitable eCommerce business, you need a website which can cope with the complex modern customer journey and react to any number of incoming sales - immediately. This is why performance disc manufacturer Nitrac turned to Newedge to create a brand new web presence.

Performance brakes with science to match

Boasting over 20 years’ experience in the complex, exciting world of performance brakes, Nitrac specialises in Deep Cryogenic Treatment which results in the best possible brake discs for a variety of high performance applications.

Nitrac’s existing website was built on the OpenCart platform, but that was proving highly problematic. Slow, overly complex to administer and tricky to navigate for customers, it simply wasn’t fit for purpose or cut out for the digital age. Realising this, the team at Nitrac approached Newedge to create a modern alternative.

nitrac web desktop1
nitrac wire product

No immediate solution - so we built it

Often, we’ll turn to Silverstripe’s Silvershop module for eCommerce applications, but it was clear from the outset that this wouldn’t work for Nitrac.

This was largely because we’d need to create 9,000 product pages - and can you imagine looking after that as Nitrac?

Undeterred, the Newedge team did what it so often does, and created its own product module for Silverstripe. The result? Just one product page versus 9,000 and a new website which was super-easy to look after by Nitrac.

No loss of SEO

Clearly, without 9,000 individual product pages on the website, search engine optimisation (SEO) would take a big hit. We knew that, which is why we solved that problem too (although we’re not going to give away our trade secret with that one!). This was no mean feat, and called on every ounce of expertise the Newedge team has.

In fact, as with every Newedge designed website, the new Nitrac website is built with a focus on SEO and lead conversion from the ground-up. Nitrac operates in a very competitive industry which is why we were so keen to ensure their products performed well in all relevant searches.

nitrac web mobile
nitrac web tablet

Beautiful, functional and ready for sales

As soon as you hit the new Nitrac site, you’re asked for the manufacturer, make and model of your car. It’s an incredibly intuitive user interface and demands exploration.

This enables Nitrac to immediately engage with website visitors and makes the buying journey ultimately clear. After filling in the form, the user is presented with any available discs that suit their vehicle.

What’s more, every single page on the website is fully content-controllable by the team at Nitrac. They can add blogs whenever they wish, update products and create new pages without needing to call on us.