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School website for Moulton Secondary School

  • SilverStripe CMS
  • Hosting
  • Bespoke Module Creation
  • Web Design

Mobile responsive website, with full design & content control

Moulton School & Science College is a well-known and well respected secondary and sixth form school located in Northamptonshire. We met with the senior team from the school to design and build them a brand-new website, bottom up, to meet the needs of the staff, pupils, teachers, parents.

The school’s management wanted the ability to be able to easily add content whenever they needed to and have access to a calendar, enabling them to keep parents and pupils informed of key dates.

Full content and block control with Silverstripe

Following a consultation with the school’s leaders, our team set about building a brand-new website for them on the Silverstripe content management system platform. This enabled us to create a website that would work on screens of all sizes but, crucially, provide the ability for the content to be adjusted by the team whenever required.

We also developed a clever menu manager for the school to simplify the user experience and provide ultimate control over how the site looks and feels. This is thanks to a ‘block’ design, that gives us the ability to adjust the layout of the site without having to spend hours re-coding.

They can do this themselves, too! We provided the school with full block control including colour, text, image, link, location and size. With some brief training, their team had all the knowledge they needed to adjust their website, whenever the requirement arose.

moulton v2

A bespoke calendar

We worked closely with the school’s team to create a calendar module that would list key dates throughout the year for parents and students. It was vital that the calendar could be easily amended and published.

The bespoke module we created enables the team to add subjects and events, complete with the date, teacher and class to which they apply.

Working with third parties

It was important for Moulton School’s new website to talk to a number of third party solutions they had in place such as Go 4 Schools and Tucasi.  We therefore worked closely to build a web presence that was both engaging and simple to use but which worked with third party systems and services to ensure the school had a digital base from which to grow.