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Replaced an ailing online store with a modern and capable ecommerce platform

Established in 1984, family-run Easylink UK offers a wide range of healthcare tech which caters for all aspects of an essential sector.

The family-run company were conscious that their existing website was hampered by a very old ecommerce system. Besides poor navigation and incompatibility with mobile browsers, the system also presented challenges when processing orders and offered disappointing conversion rates.

Clearly, they needed an ecommerce system which could take advantage of the latest web technologies.

To find the answer, we turned immediately to the Magento ecommerce platform as a replacement for their ailing online shop. The multi-store capability was a perfect fit because it enabled them to have separate pages for their two web presences - Med Page and Easy Link UK.

Magento is also fully mobile-responsive, and the team at New Edge wasted no time in ensuring it was put to full use on the new website.

Magento Ecommerce, Responsive Web Design, Digital Marketing

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Knowing your audience

Before designing a new online store, we spend time assessing the intended audience. It would have been all too easy in this case to assume we were designing something that needed to work for an elderly user base, but it quickly became clear that Easylink’s principal buyers are the sons and daughters of those needing care equipment.

We therefore implemented a clean, modern design which guides shoppers through a buying journey that is clearly safe and secure.

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Maintaining Google Rankings

Whenever we work with well-established businesses, we’re ever-conscious that search engine positions built over significant periods of time need to be retained. No one wants to start again.

To ensure their investment in search engine optimisation (SEO) wasn’t wasted, we worked closely with their team in order to retain and improve their search engine rankings with 301 redirects, improvements to keyword density and better categorisation of products.

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