A modern and edgy website for Livewire.

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Brand modernisation, mobile responsive website and content management system.

As one of the fastest-growing distributors in the telecom sector, Livewire Telecom deliver mobile broadband and M&M solutions to all corners of the globe.

Major manufacturers and networks have been quick to highlight Livewire as a fast growing, global leader in the telecom industry and it was therefore essential they had a web presence to match their impressive ambitions.

Their existing website was outdated, performed poorly on mobile devices and featured a clunky content management system which rendered it nearly impossible to manage in-house.

We spent time getting to know Livewire. We wanted to understand their growth aspirations, the sector in which they operate and how their team approaches what is an incredibly fast-moving market.

We soon realised that their website needed a new brand identity and modernised look and feel in order to better reflect Livewire’s dynamic business.

After outlining the project, we set to work creating a brand new mobile-friendly responsive website which addressed one of Livewire’s key concerns - the ability to easily update the site content and product catalogue in-house via an approachable content management system.

Responsive Design, Content Management System, Branding & Digital Assets

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360 Interactive Products

360˚ imagery: The products Livewire stock are aesthetically simple, modern and eye-catching in design. Static stock product photography didn’t do them justice, so the New Edge team created full 360˚ images which rotate automatically on page load. Visitors to the website can then interact with the images either by swiping their mouse or using the simple controls in order to gain a better look at each product.

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Feature packed project

Mobile responsive: We live in an age where the number of people using mobile web browsers has surpassed that of desktop PCs. Livewire’s new responsive website has therefore ensured they’re ready for any visitor, no matter where they are or what type of device they have to hand

Improved user experience: From the outset, we wanted to make the Livewire website a joy to use. The addition of 360˚ imagery and an un-cluttered user interface has resulted in a pleasurable, sticky experience for users.

Livewire’s products are bold and edgy. We therefore made sure the new branding reflected that with a simple yet powerful design ethic that reflects a business at the top of its game

Client area: We were also tasked with creating a new private client area. By simply entering their email address and verified password, registered users are now able to access user manuals for Livewire’s wide range of products and specification sheets with just a few clicks. No more hunting Google search listings!

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