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Based in Corby, Jeakins Weir is a construction company that has been operating throughout the Midlands since 1973.

During that time, they’ve established a reputation for their superb, multi-skilled service in building, renovating and extending schools, hospitals, offices, homes, public buildings and leisure facilities. With a staff base over over 200 and a turnover in excess of £23 million, Jeakins Weir is testament to 41 years of perfecting your craft.

Despite this, the team at Jeakins Weir knew that one thing was lacking - their website. It was dated, tricky to navigate and didn’t work particularly well on mobile devices.

This led them to New Edge, and we were delighted to be put in charge of completely rebuilding their web presence.

A modern, contemporary design

We started from the ground up and designed a brand new look for the Jeakins Weir website. Keen to retain the many years of heritage they have, but also demonstrate the way in which they have moved with the times and modernised their business, our designers ensured every drop of the brand’s personality was built into the new website.

In keeping with the traditional family values of Jeakins Weir, we called upon strong brand colours and an elegant yet simple design which would guide the user quickly to the right sector or service.

Most importantly, the new Jeakins Weir us now fully mobile responsive and accessible on any type of device. This opens their digital doors to a much wider audience, and mobilises their marketing strategy.

jeakins web desktop
jeakins web tablet

Digestible content

The old website wasn’t short on content, but it wasn’t particularly engaging or easy to work your way through.

You have mere seconds to make a good impression online, therefore our team worked hard with Jeakins Weir to make the new content easily digestible. We mapped out a new customer journey, too, which would allow users to quickly find and access the content they needed, and provide a path that would most likely result in a new lead for Jeakins Weir.

Websites should enable people to make informed contact or buying decisions, and the new Jeakins Weir website is designed with that in mind. When new leads arrive at the sales team’s door, they should now be more qualified or at the point of wanting to purchase.

Block design for super-flexibility

Things change. New services emerge, and marketing campaigns need new landing pages, which is why the entire Jeakins Weir website is built on a super-flexible block design.

This enables page elements such as text, images and calls-to-action to be easily added by anyone with sufficient access rights, and without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

This is all thanks to the Silverstripe-based content management system that sits behind the website. By providing training to the Jeakins Weir team, New Edge have ensured they can update their website at will, whenever needed.

jeakins wire home
jeakins web mobile

SEO and analytics as standard

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a major part of the New Edge offering, and the Jeakins Weir website benefited from our ability to boost rankings throughout the build process.

Created with an SEO-first mindset, Jeakins Weir now has the perfect base on which to achieve fantastic rankings on the world’s most important search engine - and retain them!