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Four Lead Generating Websites, custom design, fully mobile responsive, new content and new brand photography

IFC Group are an independent fleet management specialist that has helped countless large businesses take control of their vehicle fleets, reduce overheads and provide drivers with unbeatable support. They approached Newedge to design and build four brand new, fully responsive, fully content controlled websites for their Group site and the three brands that they operate.

We worked closely with the management team at IFC Group to design and build four brand new fully mobile responsive websites for the IFC Group, IFC Fleet Services, Vertivia (Mileage Management business) and BBS Fleet Logistics (Vehicle Refurbishement and Logistics). All of the websites were designed and built to run off a multi-site instance of the Silverstripe CMS. We also created brand new content for all four websites and updated the corporate photography to support the website launch.

Four brands one business

When we met with IFC Fleet they were operating four different websites using four different content management systems.  None of the websites were CMS controlled and none of them were mobile responsive.

They were looking to us to provide a solution that would enable them to manage, run and operate the four individual websites in a single content managed environment.  The criteria was that all websites would have their own URL, their own functionality, their own modules and all would have their own unique design elements.  They wanted the ability to be able to secure access by all sites, by individual sites, by department, by function etc.

fleet desktop

Our multi-site CMS

We created a solution for IFC Group for a multi-site instance for the silverstripe CMS enabling them to run and operate the IFC Group website, the IFC Fleet website, the Vertivia website and also the BBS Fleet Logistics website within a single content management system.

Security : the new content management system has enabled IFC Group to manage access as a group, by brand, by function, by service etc.  All the websites have their own files, their own content, their own modules, their own contact controls, their own social feeds and their own secure hosted environment.

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