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H-D Visual Merchandising

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Intranet for world wide brand used in over 1,000 stores.

Newedge doesn’t just produce beautiful, engaging, lead-generating websites - we’re also regularly approached by businesses to create something a little closer to their heart.

The term ‘intranet’ might seem a little old-fashioned, but they’re still vastly useful systems when it comes to storing and sharing in-house information and data that doesn’t need to be seen by the outside world.

When we were approached by a local agency on behalf of Harley Davidson to build an internal system for their retail stores, we jumped at the chance!

The challenge

The Harley Davidson (HD) brand of motorcycles clearly needs no introduction and it was fantastic to get the opportunity to help them provide invaluable resources for their retail store staff.

The HD team wanted to create an internal system that would help staff with all visual, branding and layout requirements for its stores. Everything from the way in which bikes should be positioned on the shop floor to a glossary of terms was required.

Clearly, this needed a robust web-based, mobile-ready interface that could be deployed quickly, updated as and when needed and made ultra-secure. As far as we were concerned, there was only one option: a custom build of the Silverstripe CMS.

H-D Visual Merchandising

The focal point of the HD system features knowledgebases for the company’s key retail areas - motorcycles, parts and accessories, general merchandise and seasonal promotions.

The intranet provides users with an ultra-simple navigation system that guides them to informational videos, diagrams and images. These cover everything from how to get the ‘focal point’ right for merchandising to effectively setting up event space during seasonal promotions.

A simple design enables the content to flourish with judicious use of white space and a menu system that demands exploration.

The Manual

Enter a Harley Davidson store and you perhaps won’t fully realise the planning that goes into creating their undeniably engaging experience. As it turns out, there’s a manual followed by stores to ensure consistency between venues and an on-brand experience everywhere you turn.

The HD intranet was tasked with housing an appealing, easy-to-use version of this manual. Featuring eleven sections, it covers everything from the showroom experience to presentation techniques.

Dive into each area and you’re presented with text and photographic content that helps store employees create the perfect showroom experience.

The Glossary

Who’d have thought there were so many specific words and terms that are used in retail stores? When it comes to Harley Davidson, there are over fifty which it pays to be aware of as an employee.

The intranet developed for them by the team at Newedge makes light work of this comprehensive glossary, making it easily scannable whenever someone wants to double check the meaning of something or increase their knowledge of industry terms.

Fully searchable and multi-lingual

It was vitally important that the HD system could be easily searched by staff members, which is why we implemented a full, system-wide universal search tool.

Similarly, and with such a diverse staff base, the tool needed to be multi-lingual out-of-the-box. Thankfully, the versatility of Silverstripe’s CMS and its development tools enabled the Newedge team to create a multi-lingual system that could be changed with a couple of mouse clicks (or finger presses; the entire system is of course fully mobile-ready).