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New social media platform - built by Newedge

So, how do you create a new social platform?

In a world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat, how on earth could anyone compete with what are now titans of the digital economy? In fact, why would anyone want to compete in that field?

Martin, the man behind Gazinga, wanted to do just that - and we applaud him for daring to dream. However, he was acutely aware of the size of the challenge, which is why he turned to Newedge to mastermind the design, build and launch of his ambitious new venture.

We immediately turned to the power of Silverstripe to bring his dream alive.

KISS - always

We relentlessly abide by the Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) rule at Newedge, and it was clear Gazinga needed this mindset if it was to be successful.

The premise behind the site is to “make friends with the same interests”, and that demanded a website which was easy-to-use, personable, addictive and highly engaging. It also had to work on screens of all sizes and provide content for two distinct user groups (guests browsing the site and full members).

The Gazinga team also needed full control over content, and Silverstripe excels in content controllable, scale-able design.

gazinga web mobile
gazinga web tablet

Encouraging engagement

Experience tells us that a block-based design works perfectly for most websites, and Gazinga was no different. This enabled us to lean on strong, engaging icons across the site which encourage interaction. The Newedge team even designed a full icon suite to cover all member interests.

Users of the CMS at Gazinga HQ can easily add all forms of media from video to imagery and info-graphics, add news articles and adjust every page as the community grows.

The member dashboard

Like so many of our projects, the real magic of Gazinga takes place behind the scenes.

The member dashboard sits behind a secure login for Gazinga members and is capable of collecting personal information including photo IDs. All membership requests are validated via text and uploaded media monitored for inappropriate content.

Within the member dashboard users can add their own profile images, join groups (which include a calendar module developed exclusively by Newedge) and send messages to one another. They can even suggest improvements for the platform which get sent directly to the Gazinga team.

gazinga web desktop

Detailed profiling

Gazinga knows the value of member profiling, and the Newedge team ensured the platform had the ability to categorise members in a variety of ways.

The type of member (business or leisure), age, interests, demographic data and much more can all be recorded and is completely configurable.

There’s even a map locator built into the backend of Gazinga to show members by postcode in relation to other members, and searches for members can be filtered out by any of the demographic categories.


With so many social media sites vying for our attention, it’s important for new platforms like Gazinga to make onboarding simple - and tempting. This is why we included the ability for guests to browse the site and gain restricted access to member profiles.

Gazinga can then issue promotional codes that encourage guests to become full members.

The future

The Newedge team also developed an advertising module in the Gazinga platform which will be used to monetise the site in the future, but Martin and his team have much bigger plans besides that.

This is just the start for Gazinga, and we have loved playing a key role in its birth. We’ve seen their future plans, and have relished creating a stable, scalable platform that will grow with them as they take on the might of the social media world.