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Silverstripe CMS and Shop

Ten years in the making taking Gap from CandyPress to Silverstripe.

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Silverstripe CMS, Full SEO and Ecommerce Application

Gap Garden Products (GAP) are a UK located family business that manufacturers and sell high quality, steel, garden products.

Newedge has been working with Gap Garden Products since 2009.  When we were first approached we were asked by Gap if we could get them an on-line shop and get that shop ranking and generating sales.

No 2009 we were working with an opensource ecommerce application called CandyPress.  That seemed the ideal solution to get them online and selling.  Fast forward Ten years and we are still working with Gap Garden Products and still helping them grow their online business.  Take a look below at the journey that has today got them on to our favourite CMS platform, Silverstripe.

Where it all began...

In 2009 Newedge was designing and building websites in classic asp.

When GAP approached us for a brand new ecommerce store and full SEO services, CandyPress seemed the ideal solution.  We had experience of working with CandyPress for other customers and knew what was needed to ensure the site was optimised for Google.

Back then it is fair to say that CandyPress had its limitations not least of which was the flexibility for design.

As a result of some of these limitations we began a foray into designing and building our own ecommerce application.


Snip20201001 28 copy
Snip20201001 31 copy

NemCart Ecommerce application

After a long twelve months in development we had built our own ecommerce application, NemCart.

NemCart was handcoded and built using the coding language classic asp.  While developing applications such as Magento were starting to make noises.

We chose to put GAP onto NemCart as it enabled us to be more flexible with the design, improve the backoffice functionality and also improve the CMS flexibility.  

Almost as soon a completing the build of our own ecommerce application we had converted to PHP and had begun to work with Silverstripe, Wordpress and our own PHP developments.

NemCart version two!

Roll forward another twelve months and we had built NemCart version two.  This time written in PHP and with the added functionality to apply multiple design choices and of course responsive design.

NemCart version two was in effect an upgrade from the .asp version and also ensured that we maintained all the good work that had been achieved through our SEO services.

However, with the growth in opensource solutions such as Magento, EKM, Shopify and our own experience that we had built up working with Silverstripe we knew it was going to be better for GAP to find a suitable opensource ecommerce application.

We would have picked Silverstripe but at the time of choosing to make the change 2017, Silverstripe had a fantastic CMS but did not have a suitable shop option. 

Snip20201001 30 copy v2
Snip20201001 32 copy v2

Magento 2.0

We decided to wait for Magento 2.0 as we wanted a friendly CMS and also Magento 2 had a very simple theme Luma that we knew would suit the GAP business.

The move to Magento was pretty simple and we were able to get the store up and running in a few days.

Magento is a fantastic opensource ecommerce application.  However, it is not a great CMS. When it comes to Digital Marketing the ideal is to find a solution that offers both.

For us, Magento was a stepping stone while we waited for a suitable and robust solution to integrate with Silverstripe.  

Silverstripe with Shop

10 years in the making and we have for us the perfect solution.

Gap Garden Products onto Silverstripe with full content control, design block control, shop module, order dashboard and fully optimised for Google with our own SEO module.


It was a seamless transition for us moving GAP from Magento to Silverstripe and now means that we have full power over all the content, all the design elements and of course the shop!  No more themes or templates.  Full design control without any conflict with functionality or usability.


Silverstripe has a very friendly and easy to use filter and attribute function designed and built with same simplicity of the core CMS while still ensuring the same 'fort knox' approach to security.


Snip20201001 33
Snip20201001 34

The powerful, intuative and completely flexible CMS

For us the Silverstripe CMS is the best on the market.

With full content, page, block, design block, filter, attribute, colour, navigation, menu and meta control it could not be better and indeed it could not be easier.


Fully optimised and accepting of all media.  It is the perfect platform for GAP to be running and continuing to grow their on-line shop.


We have enjoyed the last 10 years working with GAP and now at last we have them on Silverstripe, we cannot wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.