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A football based prediction website.

  • SilverStripe CMS
  • Web Application
  • Bespoke Module Creation

Custom-designed, addictive online game using Silverstripe.

We’re big football fans at Newedge, but that’s not the only reason we loved working on Football Winners, a refresh of an online game that’s as simple and addictive to play as it is technically brilliant.

Sure, we might be more accustomed to creating beautiful lead-generating websites for business across a range of industries but, just occasionally, an opportunity to create something truly unique comes along.

Football Winners is the result of some incredibly hard work and ingenuity on behalf of the Newedge team, and it’s waiting to be played!

Putting Silverstripe to the test

The Silverstripe CMS is, at first glance, built entirely for web design, but when you’ve worked with it for as long as we have, you’ll know the real power that lies beneath its skin.

Silverstripe isn’t just a CMS - it’s a brilliant web development platform, and we’ve used it on numerous occasions to go beyond the creation of standard websites and into the realm of app and game design.

Football Winners is a perfect example of this. Developed using Silverstripe’s open source platform (version 4.3), it’s a fully custom-built online gaming engine for lovers of the beautiful game. It’s free to play and based on the premise of picking 10 winning teams from forthcoming fixtures. Football Winners is a brilliant way to find out how well you really know your football as it awards points based on a user’s ability to pick winning teams.

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Built-in game design

Just like every website we build, it was important Football Winners could evolve for its audience. For instance, what makes a great game now might become outdated in a few months’ time, which is why the Newedge team has ensured the game mechanics are configurable.

The Football Winners CMS includes the ability to design games that go beyond the original premise of the website. If a new idea crops up, it can be tested privately before being launched to an already engaged audience.

This doesn’t require coding knowledge and can be undertaken by anyone with the right login credentials for the Silverstripe CMS. We think, just like websites, owners of online games should have ultimate control over the creative content, and that’s exactly the case with Football Winners.

Big plans ahead

Football Winners is very much a ‘version 1’ game - there’s an awful lot planned for it. Most notably, a ‘play for real’ gaming element will arrive in 2020, just in time for the Euros and add an extra competitive edge that some users will crave.

Football Winners is an online game that crosses continents and will undoubtedly prove popular among the football social media crowd. But it simply wouldn’t have been possible without the power of Silverstripe or the talents of the Newedge team.

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