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Food for thought: Schneider Electric

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Simple but powerful loyalty scheme

When we were approached by Schneider Electric to build a voucher code landing page for a forthcoming promotional campaign, we knew exactly what needed to be done.

Specialising in Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation for homes and businesses, Schneider Electric wanted to offer its loyal customers a little thanks by way of a Greggs voucher code.

As with any loyalty scheme, it needed to be super-simple to both administer and use, but that required web design skill, experience and the kind of ingenuity you’ll only find within the Newedge team.

The landing page

Keeping in mind the all-important Newedge KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle, our team set about designing a landing page for the Schneider Electric Food For Thought campaign that was as easy as possible to use.

To all intents and purposes it needed to appear as a simple, branded form. Minimal fields were required, with the most important being one for the voucher code itself.

The result is a page that works on any device and which demands to be used by people with voucher codes. No hassle, no endless scrolling, no time wasted; just growing loyalty between Schneider Electric and its customers.

schneider web desktop
schneider web tablet

The process

As always with a Newedge web project, the clever stuff happens behind the scenes, and that simple landing page hides a wealth of web development trickery which makes the loyalty scheme operate like clockwork.

Schneider Electric provide voucher cards to customers for the promotion which include a unique reference number. The customer then accesses the Newedge-designed landing page, enters their card number which is validated. An email and SMS are then sent directly to the customer containing the Greggs code which can be redeemed in store.

What happens behind the scenes

This super-simple process for the voucher holder is made possible by the Silverstripe CMS, which drives the Schneider Electric promotion landing page.

The CMS validates the code once entered by referencing a database of pre-entered codes. Once validated, the code is archived to ensure it can’t be used again.

The Greggs code is then issued automatically via SMS and email and removed entirely from the CMS to ensure it can’t be used again.

Loyalty - and web design - should always be this simple, and the Schneider Electric Greggs landing page and CMS is the perfect example of where Newedge can apply its web development skills to niche campaigns.

schneider wire