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Supporting thousands of Dads everyday provides free expert advice and support for fathers in the UK. It’s the UK most active website for dads and Newedge were approached to completely redesign it while upgrading the Joomla version and causing the minimum disruption possible to its 70,000+ members. We gathered around a table in London’s King Cross, with editors from National Geographic and Yahoo plus world explorers and bloggers with the plan to put together the UK’s leading website for dads, that’s modern, edgy and full of factual advice. We needed to ensure dads could relate to the design and feel connected with the brand.

Budget planner

We wanted fathers to be able to plan for the birth of their child with a financial budget that detailed everything they need to buy in readiness and worked out their monthly spend. We created a simple to use, slider driven budget planner, that has the ability to print of a personalised financial plan for every dad. The planner is of course fully mobile responsive and touch friendly.

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Interactive knowledge base is a content heavy site, with thousands of articles, forum posts and blogs. We developed an interactive knowledge base to ensure its members could find exactly what they are looking for, utilising a Sphinx based search system with article prioritisation to ensure the most relevant results are displayed first.   

Incredible design

We took influences for leading men's magazine websites, like Men’s Health, GQ and FHM to create a style which dads would be familiar with. We wanted to improve interaction with the website to boost page views and time on site - we tackled this by recommending related content and reorganising the site structure, creating content silos where tagged articles appear in the latest feeds to keep things fresh.

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