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Reinvigorating a traditional brand with modern technology.

Crockett & Jones have crafted fine English shoes since 1895 and are one of the worlds leading, original Northampton cobblers.

With a range of over 200 shoes and distribution throughout the world the Crockett & Jones website combines traditional brand values with modern technology, reinvigorating the pre purchase customer experience.

Video & Photography, Content Management System, Hosting, Support & Maintenance, Web Design

iPhone Ready

Viewing the analytical data showed 25% of visits are coming from iPhones. We developed a mobile version of the website specifically for iPhones that is optimised for the device, improves loading times and concentrates on the customer behaviour - which is typically trying to find a stores contact details or keeping up to date on the latest news.

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An immersive customer journey

We wanted to immerse customers into the Crockett & Jones brand and range of products, giving them an unrivalled pre purchase experience. We orchestrated a complete digital asset overhaul, giving consultancy on exactly how to achieve the perfect customer journey. We proposed a 3 stage journey...

3 Stage Customer Journey

1. Communication of brand values and tradition

When you visit the Crockett & Jones factory it’s like stepping back in time, with highly skilled craftsmen and high quality product output. We wanted to communicate this effectively through the use of video to capture the true skill and craftsmanship that goes into every single pair of shoes produced. An “In The Making” video was produced along with a 9 part walk through of the key manufacturing stages.

2. Product search and discovery

We developed a bespoke product search system that focused on the mechanics behind buying a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes. A customer will then select a shoe and be presented with the shoe detail page. We wanted to do more than just pictures, so developed a 360 degree virtual tour of every single shoe, allowing customers to view their shoes in a truly market leading way.

3. Where to buy

As part of the Crockett & Jones buying experience you really should visit one of the retail stores to get their expert advice on the entire product range. We communicated this through the store and stockist finder that will locate retail stores within 60 miles of your postcode. We also wanted to show the luxury and high quality finish that all retail stores have by giving each one its own section on the website, along with providing customers with the Manager's name, opening hours and contact information.

Client Testimonial

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James Fox

Digital Manager

Crockett & Jones is a worldwide, respected business but our online presence was exactly the opposite. 4 years ago, we set about rectifying this starting with a redesign of our company website, comprehensively undertaken in conjunction with Newedge Media. This needed to be a carefully thought-out processes as the site is not only viewed by our loyal customers, we also have hundreds of independent retailers who also rely upon our ability to communicate our 136 year heritage and our being 100% made in England, to their own customers.

Following on a couple of years after the initial project, we set about working on a mobile website. Before the days of responsive design, Newedge presented the idea to us and it was an obvious decision, they did a great job. We were the first in our industry to have a mobile site, and it was duly noted amongst customers.

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