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Content Director

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Content Director brings content creators and content buyers together

Content is king - we’re firm believers of that. Only, finding quality, unique content really isn’t that easy - even with the myriad of content platforms and growing freelancing market. Clearly, there was a gap in the market, and we were only too happy to help fill it.

Content Director is the brainchild of marketing experts who wanted to provide a platform on which content creators could advertise their best work for businesses to purchase and use. The result is a website which has been one of our most exciting projects to date.

For content creators who want exposure

Let’s say you’re a blogger, copywriter or videographer. Where do you go to find customers who will pay a fair price for your work - and come back for more? Content Director scratches this itch, and then some. Our team built a completely custom marketplace that features an easy-to-use yet powerful user area. Content creators can create their own listings, set pricing, add detailed descriptions and examples and set their content as either one-time purchases or multi-buy.

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For businesses that need content

Finding great content for your website is a challenge, but Content Director has been built to make the process far easier. A custom search module enables visitors to hunt down the exact type of content they want. An integrated payment API makes purchasing content ultra-simple; buyers can even sign up for an account which makes future purchases even more convenient. Add to that featured, popular and latest content filters and Content Director is a joy to use.

Powered by Silverstripe

There was only option when it came to the platform which would power Content Director and that’s exactly why we turned to Silverstripe. This CMS enables us to invest years of experience and know-how into creating highly functional websites like Content Director. We knew exactly what it needed, but in order to create the powerful search feature, content directory and user areas, Silverstripe gave every tool our developers needed. As a result, it’s secure, robust and effortlessly easy to use.

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An exciting future ahead

It’s early days for Content Director, but the people behind it have big plans. If you’re a content creator, you can sign up today for free and start uploading your best work. What’s more, you’re encouraged to provide feedback about the platform so that we can help make it the best place to find unique, brilliant content on the web. Get involved!