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We always want to immerse ourselves in the businesses for whom we create websites, but Circuit2Circuit had a particular lure that was hard to shake off.

After all, who wouldn’t want to create a stellar digital presence for a car transportation company that travels the world moving exotic, rare vehicles from one stunning location to the next?

Circuit2Circuit has spent countless years providing vehicle transportation services to F1, BTCC, Moto GP and many more petrol-fuelled sports and industries. They also pride themselves on being able to deliver any type of car (be it for a business or an individual) to virtually anywhere on the planet.

Their story is compelling, but their old website simply wasn’t telling it well enough. So, once they engaged with New Edge, we were only too happy to put our thinking caps on and work out how to light a fire under Circuit2Circuit’s online presence.

A need for leads

Despite having plenty of existing customers who had helped them build the business, the team behind Circuit2Circuit were keen for a website that would produce brand new leads.

The old site wasn’t particularly adept at doing this, and it was clear that a full redesign was required to create a customer journey that would encourage their target market to enquire about vehicle transportation.

The challenge lay in the sheer number of services Circuit2Circuit offers. From luxury cars to classics and the aforementioned motorsport giants, the firm could take just about anything with four wheels practically anywhere its clients wanted.

Silverstripe nails the customer journey

We immediately opted for the Silverstripe CMS, knowing that it would provide the clean design and content-managed back end required to make the new website a success. It also enabled us to create a user interface that immediately highlighted where the visitor would need to head for the service they required.

The front page relies on big imagery and simple calls to action to guide visitors, and with the five main services immediately on display, there’s no confusion as to where to direct your mouse click.

Leads: delivered

Almost immediately after launch, the Circuit2Circuit website began generating the new leads the owners required, setting this long-standing car transportation business up for a future of continued growth against a stellar digital presence.

Daily social posting and monthly blogging is also being provided, helping Leigh and the team build an approachable online persona and offer prospective customers genuinely useful car transportation advice.

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