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Bletsoes Estate Agent Website

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Mobile-ready, block-based design, full content control, Property Logic API

Established in 1881, Bletsoes is one of the agricultural industry’s most respected suppliers. They combine decades of experience to help farms unlock their potential with services that focus on agribusiness, property sales, business appraisals, planning and development.

But that only skims the surface of the Bletsoes offering, and developing a website for a property and livestock agent as well-respected as these guys was always going to be a challenge.
Until they found Newedge.

Working from the wrong designs? Not us

Taking over a project from another agency is always tricky. And, while we’ll never take unnecessary swipes at the competition, there’s no escaping the fact Bletsoes had been left in a bit of a pickle with their proposed new website.

We were faced with the prospect of working from flat designs from the previous agency, rather than take what some might view as the easy route and continue regardless, we decided to start again from scratch. We had to get this right.

bletsoes web desktop

From Wordpress to Silverstripe

Bletsoes’ existing website was built on the Wordpress platform, but it hadn’t been updated for a number of years. This had left it in a state that meant tasks like updating content and general maintenance were becoming increasingly difficult.

The user experience was poor, too, which was resulting in high bounce rates and a lack of direct interaction from potential customers. So, we set about redesigning the website from the ground up for the Silverstripe CMS.

By taking everything back to ground zero and rebuilding, the Newedge team could create a fully custom, content-controllable website for Bletsoes that would be loved by its staff and potential customers alike.

A fresh, modern, mobile-ready design

Bletsoes might be a company with years of tradition and heritage, but they know what they need when it comes to competing in the digital age.

The new website needed a fresh, modern design that would translate perfectly onto mobile devices (the old website failed in each of these areas). Despite this, it needed to mix a contemporary feel with Bletsoes’ heritage and its new branding.

Having relaunched countless traditional businesses in this manner before, this was a challenge to be relished by the Newedge team.

bletsoes web tablet
bletsoes web desktop

Vital integration: sorted

From the start of this project, we knew that the new Bletsoes website needed to keep its integration with Jupix (Property Software Group), a software provider for the letting, estate agency and agricultural sectors.

This led to Newedge striking up a great relationship with The Property Software Group - the team behind Jupix. Working together, we built a robust integration between the new Bletsoes website and their software, which is used to manage all sales and letting for the company.

Combined with a fresh new design, clear user journey, mobile readiness and content that can be controlled by the Bletsoes team, the new website is now fit for the digital age and plenty of new customers.

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